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Do you have a library of floor plans?

Allura Homes works with you to design the most suitable home for your block of land (incorporating the ideal sun orientation), your budget and your family's lifestyle. A lot of the floor plans on the Allura Homes website have been custom designed for previous clients and are a great way to start a conversation and generate ideas that inspire you, so Allura can create your beautiful new home.

Do you offer standard plans, or do you only build custom homes?

We offer both. You can build a home that Allura has already created, you can personalise that design to suit your own needs, or you can ask Allura to design a custom home unique to your family. Visit our Designs to learn more about Allura home designs.

Would getting architect plans first and bringing them to Allura Homes be more convenient?

No. We recommend you speak with Allura Homes first. We find that designing a custom home with Allura’s inhouse designer is a more viable option, and the design team and building team can work together to ensure your project stays on budget.

Can I bring my own designs to Allura?

Yes. If you have an architect designed home that’s going through the Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or Development Approval (DA) process, or is already approved, we can help you take the build to site. For clients that already have architectural plans we can prepare a full budget, tender and timeline.

Can Allura Homes take care of the demolition of my old home and take care of all approvals?

Yes. Once you have agreed on the plans, exterior and interior designs, we will manage the entire process. This includes all the paperwork for building approvals, the knock down of your existing home, building your swimming pool, retaining walls, and home, then completing the project with a driveway, fencing and landscaping. All you need to do is enjoy the experience.

Does Allura Homes build pools and driveways, and organise landscaping?

Yes. Allura Homes can design, build, organise and manage everything, in consultation with you. Read why finding one builder to create the complete vision for your home can save you time, effort and stress.

What’s the cost of building with Allura Homes?

Allura has built homes from $750K to $2M+. Our expert team creates stunning custom built homes to suit any block of land and lifestyle. While we have existing custom designs to help get the conversation started, we often start from scratch and design a home that’s unique to each client’s needs. Most importantly, before you start building with Allura Homes you will know exactly what the cost will be, so there are no hidden surprises throughout the journey. Contact Allura Homes for an initial discussion about your project and we can provide a 45-page design and build proposal, including all costs and a timeline specific to your home.

Does building with Allura Homes include everything?

Yes. Allura Homes will prepare a budget that includes everything from the demolition of the existing property and approvals, to building your new home, pool, fences, driveway, and landscaping. Before you start building with Allura Homes you will know upfront what is involved and what the actual cost will be.

How long is the process, including design, pricing, approval and build?

This can be influenced by the approval process required for your new home. Complying Development Certificate (CDC) can be faster than Development Approval (DA). Prior to the approval process Allura Homes will work with you to develop a design, budget and all the required selections. Following approval, your new home will take approximately 12 months to complete. Our budget document includes an itemised timeline and progress payments schedule, so you know exactly what is happening when. Visit our Become Build Ready video series or download The Complete Build to Knock Down & Rebuild to learn more about the process of building with Allura Homes.

What areas do you build in?

Custom built homes by Allura can be found throughout Sydney’s upper and lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Northern Sydney (Ryde to Parramatta), Inner West, Sydney’s east and the Sutherland Shire. Call us on 02 9420 4133 or 0405 147 499 to learn more regarding your location.

How long does it take to design and price a home?

The very first step you take on the journey with Allura Homes is to sit down with one of our team, share your thoughts and ideas about what you need in a home, and what budget is realistic. The Allura Homes team can take you through the realities of that idea and conceptualise a design and floor plan. We will develop a comprehensive and transparent budget and timeline for the project. This will enable you to understand whether your custom home is possible. This process can take approximately three months. Learn more about the Allura Homes pre-construction stage in this video.

Do you provide an interior designer?

Yes. The Allura Homes inhouse design team will help you with every selection for interior and exterior finishes, as well as landscaping designs. Our qualified interior designers will manage the project plan, so the right decisions are made on time and on budget. A visit to our design team at Studio Allura is the chance to see and interact with every element of your new home. From bricks, paint and timber flooring to tapware, sinks, appliances and blinds, Studio Allura brings every Pinterest board or scrapbook to life. Visit the Interior Design page to learn more about our interior design solutions.

Do you include a warranty program with your homes?

Allura has a market leading warranty and guarantee program, to ensure your peace of mind. You can discuss this in more detail during the initial consultation.

Download our Knock Down Rebuild guide

Looking for a new home can be stressful and confusing. You may not realise that knocking down a home and rebuilding can be a viable alternative. This free guide is designed to demystify the process, and answer many of the questions you may have.

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