The value of an inhouse architect

When people think about building a custom home, many will engage an architect to help design what they want. But many architectural homes don’t get to the construction stage because the client can’t afford to build the house they want. It’s better to know at the design stage what the cost to build will be so you can comfortably achieve it within your budget.

Too often, people have a home designed and approved by a private certifier or council, before they start talking with builders. Architecturally designed homes are beautiful; however, in my experience, architects aren’t always up to date with current pricing. So they may have designed a stunning home but their client can’t afford to build it.

Finding a builder with an inhouse architect is a more practical way forward with a knock down rebuild, custom home project. Allura has a team of inhouse architects who work with the building team and the estimating team to ensure the design meets the client’s expectation, and is kept on budget so there are no cost blow-outs before the project even starts.

Budget is one of the first questions Allura asks new clients. Every client has a budget that they can’t exceed and Allura focuses on designing a home to fit that budget. This is a critical part of the pre-construction stage so the team and the client understand everything from the very start of the project.

There are a number of factors that can influence the budget of a custom home build, including the style of the home and the client’s desired selection of materials, fixtures and fittings.

The style of home can greatly influence the cost of building. For example, as much as Hamptons style is on trend, the joinery to achieve this look is far more intricate and detailed than the joinery for a contemporary or modern style home. This means a Hamptons home is more expensive to build than other styles. Knowing this upfront means clients can make an informed decision before the house is designed.

The collaborative approach Allura takes to designing and building a custom home lets us adapt the design or modify selections to either remain within the budget, or advise the client where any additional spend is going. It’s then up to the client to decide if they want to increase their budget or not.

One of the most valuable benefits of working with the whole Allura team is that we can price the design and run the client through different options on costing, and make changes before the house is submitted for approval by external parties. Once approval for construction is received, the client knows all the associated costs and can proceed straightaway.

To learn more about the knock down rebuild process and become build-ready, download The Complete Guide to Knock Down and Rebuild or watch The Allura Building Series.

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