Designing a home for a growing family

A functional house design can improve the dynamics of family life. If you have kids on the way, toddlers or teens, it’s essential to design a family home that meets your needs now, while also thinking about the future. Your home should be a practical and comfortable space that will serve your family for years to come. And if you’re thinking about a knock down rebuild, it’s vital your custom home builder knows your requirements to ensure the home you get is exactly the home you need.

Plan to capture natural light
Getting the right orientation on your block can create passive heating and cooling, reducing energy costs and making the most of solar panels if you have them installed. Where possible, plan to have rooms used all day facing north to take advantage of sunlight from morning to late afternoon. Make sure to consider the size of windows, as this will also affect the amount of light and warmth a room receives. The Allura Lifesize Plans facility is an ideal opportunity to let you walk through your floorplan and get the layout right.

Plan for time together, and apart
One of the most important design features for a growing family can be separate living spaces. While quality time together is essential, it’s equally important for parents to relax together while kids have a space of their own to be messy, play games and hang with friends.

Plan for the unexpected
Whether it’s an unexpected pregnancy or unexpected guests, can your home adapt to the unknown? Consider having one room that could serve several functions, be it an extra bedroom, a home office or games room for the kids. Then you won’t be short on space if the unexpected occurs. A little bit of overflow space will go a long way.

Plan storage (as much as possible)
A growing family means a lot more stuff around your home. If you plan ahead, your custom home won’t end up a cluttered mess. Built-in storage is a great way to provide organised space for strollers, books, toys, sports equipment, camping gear and other household items. If your budget allows, raise the ceiling height to incorporate extra space in storage areas such as pantries, cupboards and wardrobes.  Also think about what can go in the garage, and if possible have all the storage installed before you move in, so everything has a place from day one.

Plan the outside too
Your outdoor space, like your indoor space, should be an enjoyable asset for the whole family, so it’s integral to plan areas that cater to all ages. Patios, lawns, decks and alfresco spaces can be used by everyone. Consider having specific areas for kids and adults. Factor in where swing sets, trampolines or cubby houses may go in relation to the adult’s entertaining zone, and ensure these are in line of sight from adult zones to give everyone freedom, and peace of mind.

If you’re designing a custom build house for your growing family, Allura has lots of ideas. Call us on 02 9420 4133 to discuss your needs, and we can meet to determine what’s possible for your block and your budget. Or visit our Custom Home Designs and Collections page to see our variety of new home designs and features to help create the right new home for you.

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