When it comes to building your new Allura custom home, we want you to be as informed as possible. Here you'll find industry insights, trends and ideas for what to consider before starting the knock down rebuild journey.

You don’t have to move – 5 reasons to knockdown and rebuild

Do you love where you live, but feel it may be time to move to a bigger, newer home? Common reasons for considering selling up include a growing family, expanding home business, or simply the need for a more functional layout.

The good news is that moving is not your only option. The best solution could be to knock down your existing home and rebuilding, with everything you want, exactly where you want it, in exactly the location you want to live.


Allura: Welcome to your home

Businesses evolve, and having established ourselves as a knockdown rebuild expert, it is Allura’s time to reveal a new look.

The essence of our business is knocking down your old home, or one you find in a new location, and bringing a beautiful, bespoke home to life at the best address of all: yours.


Want a new home? There’s value in doing a knockdown rebuild.

The topic of renovating or rebuilding is a hot one at the moment. While there are numerous TV shows devoted to renovating, it’s important to understand the flipside of knocking down your existing home and rebuilding in the location you love.

The reasons for needing a new home vary from family to family: some have outgrown the existing home, some bought a renovator’s delight and now have the funds to action this, while for some families the current design is no longer functional for their needs.


Buy to knock down, instead of compromising

There is a lot to consider when looking for a new home. Not only is the location important, there’s also the room configuration and style to consider. With so many different homes available to buy, it can be overwhelming; what do you need and what can you compromise on. Every family has different requirements and for many, the home they are looking for may not exist.


The cost of a knock down rebuild

A knock down rebuild can be a viable alternative to buying a home, or doing a major renovation, however it’s important to go into the project with eyes wide open when it comes to the cost.


Download our Knock Down Rebuild guide

Looking for a new home can be stressful and confusing. You may not realise that knocking down a home and rebuilding can be a viable alternative. This free guide is designed to demystify the process, and answer many of the questions you may have.

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