Understanding building approvals


Building a new home is exciting, and after experiencing the Allura Lifesize Plans virtual walk-through where you can see your plans literally coming to life, you can truly start to imagine living in your new custom built home.

At this point, you’re understandably keen to move forward with building as quickly as possible. However, a few crucial steps need to take place before building can get underway.

There are two distinct pathways for getting your build approved. If you haven’t gone through the approval process before, it may seem confusing, even daunting. Rest assured, Allura will manage every step, complete all applications, and guide you through the process.

Depending on the size and complexity of your new custom home, and the council catchment you’re building in, we will apply for either a Complying Development Certificate (CDC), or a Development Application (DA).

Here’s a brief snapshot to help you understand the difference between CDC and DA:

Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

CDC is a fast-track approval process for straight forward developments that meet pre-determined standards. It’s code-based, with standard rules and regulations across NSW. The CDC process can even be finalised within eight to 14 days of lodgement.

When you’re keen to get started, a CDC may seem like the obvious pathway to take, but the alternative may be better suited to builds that are larger, more adventurous or complex.

Development Application (DA)

A DA is lodged with the local council for consent to proceed with your development. This is a six-stage process, with rules, regulations and requirements that usually vary by council area. Approval can take four to eight months. The NSW Government has this handy online guide.

Allura will ensure the right approvals are sought, and that applications include all the required details to assist with a smooth progression through the process.

Our end goal is the same as yours – to receive a construction certificate as quickly as possible, to start turning your plans into an exciting reality.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your new home. Drop in to Studio Allura in Lane Cove, or call us on 02 9420 4133 to learn more about how Allura can help you.

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