Watch the process to learn about building a custom home with Allura

Allura Homes understands the decision to knock down your existing home, or a new home, and build a unique custom home is a big investment. We are specialists in this area and know all the questions going through your mind; and we have the answers.

The Allura Build Series is a collection of videos that explains every stage of the Allura Homes design and construction process.

When you build with Allura everything is documented and highly detailed. We know from experience that providing our clients with lots of information helps them feel connected to the process, confident and excited.

Each video features Allura’s director, Andrew Strachan, walking through homes in construction and explaining what each stage includes and why.

From pre-construction to handing over the keys, The Allura Building Series will help you understand exactly what to expect when you build a custom home with Allura.

The 11 stages of construction when building a custom home with Allura include:

Pre-construction: This is the first step of the Allura custom home build process, which includes initial budgets, home design, costing the entire project, interior and exterior selections, approval of your new home, construction plans and site start.

Stage 1 – Demolition: You move out and Allura moves in. Before the large machinery arrives, all services are disconnected, then the demolition begins. More than 80 per cent of the old home is recycled with the materials sent to recycling centres to help reduce land fill.

Stage 2 – Pool Shell: If your new home design includes a swimming pool, then at this stage the pool excavation takes place. Excavation of the pool shell opening and all pipe work is installed, steel fixing and formwork completed, and pool shell is then poured.

Stage 3 – Concrete Slab: Your new home begins with the right foundations. This stage of the build includes survey and site levels, cutting the site, the piering of your home, internal drainage, formwork, steel reinforcing, termite collars and pouring of the concrete slab.

Stage 4 – Ground Floor and First Floor Frames, and Roof Trusses: The house structure starts to take shape, built to engineers’ details and specifications. This stage includes frames, bracing, beams, floor joists, Hebel flooring and roof trusses. Your home is now really starting to come together.

Stage 5 – Brickwork and External Cladding: Learn about the insulation of an Allura home using Thermoseal wall wrap, and the difference between common bricks with render, face bricks and external cladding options. The external facade of your home is coming alive with texture and colour.

Stage 6 – Upper Storey Roof: There are three main roof styles: skillion roofs, traditional pitch roofs, or low-pitched roofs. This stage includes roof sarking or anti-con insulation, fascia and guttering, followed by roof tiles or Colorbond steel roofing, and finally solar panels or future provisions for solar.

Stage 7 – Internal Linings: This is the rough-in stage for electrical, plumbing and air conditioning. Following this is ceiling and wall insulation on external walls for energy efficiency, and acoustic insulation for internal walls. The walls and ceilings are finished with plasterboard, followed by square set cornice or traditional cornice profiles.

Stage 8 – Internal Tiling: All wet areas are waterproofed, underfloor heating is installed, shower and bath niches are finished, and the inside of your home comes alive with colours and patterns from your internal tile selections.

Stage 9 – Final Fix: At this stage, your new Allura home transforms with a lot of internal fittings installed. It includes the addition of staircases, kitchen joinery, bathroom vanities, all internal doors, wardrobes, skirting and architraves, and the painting of ceilings and all internal walls.

Stage 10 – Practical Completion (PC): Final items are installed and tested including appliances and hot water systems, shower screens and tapware, the driveway is poured, landscaping, pool and fencing are all now completed. After the construction team conducts final touch ups it’s time to hand over your home, and for you to move in and enjoy your new custom built Allura home.

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Looking for a new home can be stressful and confusing. You may not realise that knocking down a home and rebuilding can be a viable alternative. This free guide is designed to demystify the process, and answer many of the questions you may have.

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