Is Palm Springs the new Hamptons?

Many Sydney families building a new custom home ask for a Hamptons-inspired façade and interior design. With its luxurious coastal look, wide verandas, high ceilings, and bright and breezy interiors, Hamptons style is a home design that has stood the test of time. However, Australian homeowners are increasingly looking for alternatives to the Hamptons style that offer minimal contemporary style and relaxed, open plan living.

As a builder of bespoke custom homes, Allura is finding more and more customers are seeking a warmer aesthetic for their unique new homes. The Palm Springs style offers this.

Often considered a single-storey design, as seen throughout the Californian city of Palm Springs, this balanced design of beach chic and modern style can easily translate to a two-storey custom home design.

A Palm Springs-inspired design still delivers the relaxed feel of Hamptons, with added vibrancy, colour, freshness, and design simplicity. It’s resort-style living inside and out.

Palm Springs interiors incorporate bright colours, artwork, and minimal detailing. This is enhanced with interior wall colours in earthy, natural shades, as well as bold-coloured tiles, towels, and finishes in the bathrooms.

The popular Shaker-style kitchen also features in Palm Springs-inspired homes. Cabinets and drawers feature a flat centre panel, square edges, flush finishes, and minimal detailing.

When designing a Palm Springs-inspired façade, the Allura Homes inhouse architects will create a style with clean lines and minimal weatherboard.

Allura Homes designs and builds unique custom homes; however, if you are seeking a home that delivers effortless chic, indoor-outdoor living, simple materials, and low maintenance landscaping, Palm Springs could be the style for your new family home.

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